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Why Mauritius?

Named “Maurice” (Mauritius) after the Dutch Prince Maurice Van Nassau, the island of Mauritius is 65km long and 45km wide. Independent since 1968, Mauritius is a democratic country that respects human rights. Its capital city Port-Louis is located in the north west of the island and its population is approximately 1,3 million.

With a diversified economy, Mauritius is the most prosperous island in the Indian Ocean and in the African regions. The Government aims to boost the economy by encouraging foreign direct investment.


The advantages include:

• A favourable fiscal regime

• A strong banking and business sector

• An emerging country with advanced information and communication technologies

• Ideally located in terms of time zones

  • Surface
    Exclusive economic zone
  • Winter coastal temperature
    Summer coastal temperature
    Real GDP growth
  • GDP per capita income
    Spoken languages

Splendid Mauritius  

Mauritius also benefits from a favourable climate with maximum temperatures varying around 22⁰ in winter and 28⁰ in Summer in the coastal regions, while the central plateau enjoys temperatures ranging from 17⁰ to 21⁰ during August and February respectively. 

The sea temperature fluctuates between 23⁰ and 29⁰. The Western regions and the North are warmer and relatively drier than the East and South.

splendid mauritius

A stable political system
and a flourishing economy 

With an economy showing positive growth for more than 25 years, a stable political climate and low crime rate, Mauritius has become a prime destination for foreign investors seeking an exclusive lifestyle.

Over the past years, the country has strengthened its legislative and regulatory framework and has been very committed to adopting best international business practices, particularly with new anti-money laundering measures that promote economic development while ensuring transparency, good governance and adherence to ethical norms. The country has also enacted anti-terrorist legislation. 

It is also important to highlight that Mauritius has a skilled workforce.

more information on www.govmu.org

The best in Africa

Mauritius is renowned among international organizations for continuous improvement in its “doing business” regime. The country is acclaimed today as a leading investment destination and ranks first on several international indexes.


Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance 2018


Economic Freedom of the World Index 2018 (Fraser Institute)


Democracy Index 2018 (Economist Intelligence Unit)


Global Peace Index 2018

Modern and reliable infrastructure

Mauritius possesses modern and reliable infrastructures and communication facilities:

  • International standard health facilities
  • Educated labour force
  • Good road infrastructures
  • International satellite TV channels
  • International education facilities
  • Excellent internal and external communication networks
  • Modern and efficient port
  • Broadband fibre cable connectivity

Richness of cultures and religions

The diversity and richness of cultures are what gives Mauritius its originality and charm, with inhabitants of European, African, Indian, Chinese or mixed origins living in harmony on the island and practicing Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism as main religions.

The country is a rare example of social peace and unity in a multi-cultural society, admired by the rest of the world.

culture in mauritius
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