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Property Manager of La Balise Marina

Assisted by various service providers in the performance of this task, the property manager is the management company responsible for the administration and general upkeep of La Balise Marina.

Common area maintenance

24-hour security in common areas

24-hour security in common areas

Waste collection

Waste collection

Services managed by the estate

Telephone & Internet

The estate is equipped with a central telephony system which is fully operational as from handover of the property. The residence is supplied with a specific handset and a dedicated phone number communicated at the time of handover.

For the internet, several options are available such as wireless 4G internet or ADSL.


Digital TV is available as a plug and play in all units provided all the necessary equipment is available. There is a variety of local and international channels to choose from.

Residents may also subscribe directly to Satellite TV packages with the local service providers (DSTV, Canal Sat or Parabole Maurice). La Balise Marina is equipped with a centralised dish and a satellite decoder needs only to be plugged in to the dedicated socket.


Water is supplied to the estate by the Central Water Authority and the Home Owners Association (HOA) charges owners each month according to their actual consumption.


Electricity is supplied by the Central Electricity Board to the estate and the Home Owners Association (HOA) charges owners each month according to their actual consumption (at the legal residential rate).

In case of grid power failure, the estate is equipped with a centralised power generator which can accommodate all the homeowners within La Balise Marina.

Waste Collection

Each residential block is equipped with common bin areas with at least two containers, one for recyclable waste (paper, card board, PET and glass) and the other for general waste.


The estate is equipped with a private centralised sewage treatment plant recycling waste water for irrigation purposes.

Landscaping & Pools

All common grounds are taken care by a professional service provider under the control of the Syndic. The pools, even if they are part of the private grounds of each property, are managed and maintained by one service provider under the supervision of the syndic. Each owner will be billed depending on the size of his/her pool within the monthly syndic levies.

Pest Control

All the common grounds are treated against rodents and cockroaches. Owners are free to contract a specialised service provider for the internal treatment of their units. Most buildings on the estate are also under a termite monitoring contract to prevent any infestation of the units.

Marina Management

La Balise Marina’s Home Owners Association (HOA) manage and operate the marina, its utilities and services.

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