The ENL Group

Founded by the Espitalier-Noël family, which is involved in sugarcane cultivation since almost two centuries, the ENL group has been at the forefront of the country's economic, social and business evolution. One of the biggest conglomerates in the country, with assets worth Rs 30 billion, it employs about 5 600 people across 150 companies. ENL group is made up of five divisions: ENL Property, ENL Commercial, ENL Investment, ENL Lifestyle and ENL Agribusiness. Hector Espitalier-Noel, its Chief Executive Officer, heads the group. Johan Pilot is the Chief Executive Officer of ENL Property, the land and property development arm of the Group.

ENL Commercial, Corporate Services, Investment and Agribusiness are key participants in the domestic economy. For example, ENL Investment hold important shares in Rogers Group (60%), Food & Allied Group, Beachcomber hotels, car dealership, Michelin, HP distributors, KFC, Hertz and also Jumbo supermarkets. These divisions also operate in building and information technology sectors, as well as in sugar production and other agricultural activities.

During the past few years, ENL has consolidated its property development and management division through ENL Property. The group is currently involved in several residential, commercial and high-end business parks developments throughout the island. It also owns Villas Valriche, a luxurious IRS project in Bel-Ombre, the integrated Bagatelle project, which is one of the largest shopping centres built in this part of the Indian Ocean and La Balise Marina, an innovative and unique development, as it is the first and only residential marina offering to buyers freehold residences with direct access to the sea and private mooring.


Investec Bank (Mauritius) Ltd

The Investec Bank's strength lies in its cutting edge expertise. After starting as a small leasing company in South Africa in 1974, and using the free thinking zebra as its symbol, Investec (including Investec Plc and Investec Ltd) was incorporated in Johannesburg, South Africa, amidst a major transition. The group obtained banking license in 1980, and listed in 1986 (Johannesburg Stock Exchange -JSE- South Africa). In July 2002, after setting up the Dual Listed Companies mechanism, Investec became the first South African group to be listed in London and Johannesburg. The listing of Investec on the London Stock Exchange helped the group to get a better world-wide exposure, strengthening its ability to increase its capital, while facilitating access to international markets.

Today, Investec is an international banking group, employing 6,196 people around the world. It offers a variety of financial products and services to clients coming from three main markets - United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia - and several other regions, including Mauritius.

Investec Bank (Mauritius) Ltd, a subsidiary fully owned by the Investec Group, was founded in 1997. At the beginning, the core business of the domestic branch was to conduct structured financial transactions, primarily for clients in South Africa. It offers, since then, a wider range of banking services, as well as real estate financing in the regions where the Investec group operates.


MCB Equity Fund

Launched in June 2005, MCB Equity Fund Ltd is a generalist private equity fund with a total committed capital of Rs 3 billion. Though the Fund has no geographical focus, investments made so far have remained highly concentrated in the Indian Ocean region. These investments were valued at Rs 2 billion as at 30 June 2009.