Marina Specifications

Safe haven for the Seafarers

La Balise Marina - The only IRS Marina in Mauritius. Located on the Black River estuary, close to Le Morne Peninsula and Lagoon, La Balise Marina is located in a sought after area, sheltered from the sea and wind. Specially designed floating moorings safely protect your craft. Marina maintenance and other facilities will be provided.

La Balise Marina consists of two marina basins located to the west of the development.

The Sunset Basin has three walkways

  • Orca Dock : capacity 8 vessels of 12 metres
  • Risso Pier: capacity 8 vessels of 12 metres and 1 catamaran
  • West Pier: capacity 6 vessels of 12 metres

The La Balise Basin White

  • Shark Pier: capacity 15 vessels of 11 metres
  • Spinner Dock: capacity 7 vessels of 9 metres
  • Humpback: capacity 8 vessels of 12 metres and 1 catamaran
  • Pilot Wharf: capacity 5 vessels of 11 metres and 4 vessels of 15 metres

Berths for crafts not exceeding 9 metres can also be accommodated along the canals.

Berths for vessels not exceeding 16 metres can be accommodated on the charter pier.

N.B: Please refer to the Master Plan for attribution of berths & moorings as per residence reference code